100% Commitment


Northern Clearing is 100% committed to providing and maintaining a working environment free from recognized hazards in an ongoing and proactive effort to prevent injuries and ensure the safety of all employees.

We believe every employee MUST be trained on an ongoing basis in order to appropriately minimize risks. Our training programs are conducted by certified instructors in each area. Examples of these programs include, but are not limited to:

  • first aid & CPR training
  • chainsaw safety
  • flagger safety
  • lock out & tag out
  • electrical hazard awareness
  • atv/utv training
  • climber safety
  • vehicle operation

We continually monitor our programs in real-time through the efforts of our certified safety personnel. All safety efforts are well documented during daily jobsite meetings conducted by each crew leader. During these safety inspections, hazards are identified and discussed with all crew members in the form of daily Job Safety Analyses.

We carefully evaluate historical data and case studies as well as the root causes for potential hazards in order to identify areas in our programs that need improvement. Analysis of specific data allows us to be more proactive and find safer, more efficient ways to get things done.