We’re Moving!

Exciting things are happening at Northern Clearing Inc. and we want to share some important news with you. We are proud to announce that in the spring of 2017 Northern Clearing will be moving into our new Corporate Office! Located on Highway 137 in Ashland, Wisconsin this new facility will accommodate us as we continue…


Need more elbow room?

When you need to widen your existing right of way, we’ve got the equipment and expertise to make it happen.
We’ve widened miles of right of way to match client requirements coast to coast in all types of terrain.

Successful River Crossings.

Sometimes getting over the river and through the woods  just isn’t easy.   These types of navigation’s require extensive  planning, coordination, and highly skilled people to get you where you need to go.  Our team is prepared to provide solutions to situations just like this, wherever your project takes you.  We’ll handle everything, from environmental  considerations…