Central Purchasing

As part of good business practices as outlined in ISO standards, Northern Clearing maintains a Central Purchasing Program that streamlines all product sourcing and logistics. Where possible, Northern Clearing strives to partner with vendors that have achieved and maintain ISO certifications in their manufacturing and management processes. In addition, due to the national scope of our work, Northern Clearing also partners with businesses local to current projects, in an effort to support the communities in which we work.

As part of this proactive management with respect to sourcing efforts, great consideration is given to products considered “green” or environmentally friendly. While this is not always possible due to availability or specification restrictions, it should be noted that this is always a consideration. A good example of this is in the area of spill management. We source absorbent pads that are made from 100% recycled materials in use for our mobile shops and equipment management. This is consistent with our ISO driven management standards, and provides the foundation for solid relationships with progressive vendors that are committed to our environment, and the communities we live in.

Vendors interested in participating in our Central Purchasing Program are encouraged to send promotional materials to:

Northern Clearing
Attn: Central Purchasing
28190 State Highway 137
Ashland, WI 54806

Vendor certifications and agreements are to be issued and signed upon formal product approval.