Our Safety Policies

Each employee and supervisor is held accountable for safety. Disciplinary procedures exist when any employee is acting in an unsafe matter and this behavior is corrected immediately. Each employee understands that working safe is a condition of employment.


  • Accidents are preventable through implementation of effective safety and health control policies and programs.
  • All personnel are responsible for recognizing unsafe conditions and are authorized and empowered to take the necessary steps to prevent injuries to themselves and others up to and including stopping unsafe work.
  • Employees are required to follow safe work practices, company rules, and take the necessary steps to prevent accidents and injuries.

Working safe is a condition of employment.


We take pride in being one of the safest companies in our entire industry today. Our vision is not only to be among the best, but rather be the industry leader. Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College certified instructors implement our extensive training programs for all of our training needs. This allows us to have highly skilled instructors teach our workforce the necessary skills to get their job done safely.