Safety and Certifications


At Northern Clearing, safety is always taken seriously. Our personnel are both electrical hazard and hazardous material trained, and qualified in commercial motor vehicle fleet safety management and as operators in the gas and oil industry. We provide ongoing first aid training too.

When you’re working in unpredictable landscapes with serious machinery, safety is critical. Which is why Northern Clearing has adopted the ISO management system and standards to ensure quality processes throughout our operations. We’re also a member of the Tree-care Industry Association and participate in the Certified Tree-care Safety Professional Program.


“Northern Clearing strives to achieve and maintain a safe work environment for all employees and the public; while, continually improving our processes, improving customer satisfaction, preventing pollution, reducing our environmental impact, and preventing injury and ill health. Our dedication to safety, commitment to compliance obligations, guides Northern Clearing to be an industry leader with unmatched quality service.”


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