I wish to congratulate you on the men you sent to Hermantown to do routine vegetation. They were polite and explained what they were doing. I had an evergreen tree that one branch was barely touching the power line. The gentleman I talked to said he would trim the tree so it would look nice. Not chop off the top like the previous company who the power company hired. They did a very nice job and cleaned up their mess. Thank you for the polite and caring employees you hire.

June 2012

M. Sutherland

My name is Matthew Smith, I am the ROW Maintenance Coordinator for the East of the Rockies Region. Over the past almost 8 months now I have had the Great Pleasure of working with your people on our Whiting to River Rouge and Whiting to Decatur pipeline segments. During that time I have come to know and respect the people we have hired to do this type of work. We have received several letters from property owners who have written about how courteous and professional your people are. I know that throughout the year I was asked if BP was happy with the work, I responded that we were thrilled with the work they had been doing. I would also like to give a special thanks to Matt Hegland, he worked with me every step of the way on these two projects. Not only did he take the time to meet with me whenever he was needed but he also took the time to speak to our property owners along the ROW and reassure them of BP’s plan for the ROW work and how it would be done.

I and my Boss are very Happy with the work Northern Clearing has done for BP and look forward to having you work for us in the next year and for many years to come.

October 2012

Matthew Smith – BP Pipelines

All, This is another example of the fine work NCI does. It also reflects on our AO’s who were out there to be sure the work was done safely. I have always been very impressed by the work that NCI has done for us. I want to Thank All those who took part in this year’s ROW Clearing. You all made it a Safe and Efficient year.

October 2014

Matthew Smith

I wanted to extend my thanks to Denny Bergman and the employees at Northern Clearing who worked on the clearing activities for the West Central Lateral Project. There were many compliments that came in regarding the professionalism, organization, and courteousness of the Northern Clearing employees. Finishing ahead of schedule and injury free is an impressive accomplishment and greatly appreciated. Congratulations on a job well done!

February 2015

J. Czarnecki – Project Manager, WE Energies

Your crews are in my Superior neighborhood and from what I can see, doing a really good job. I watched for a while (strictly as a spectator) and the guy in the bucket with the saw is methodical in what he cuts, the guys on the ground are picking up everything, cutting the bigger stuff to ‘stove length’ and stacking the wood for the home owner. The guys on the ground are in high Vis and carefully cognizant of traffic. Road signs are placed well in advance of the workers, and the workers appear to be aware of each other’s presence.

March 2015

D. Carpenter

Northern’s work is excellent, especially given the steep terrain… I completed an environmental inspection of Section 54 on Tuesday, March 10, 2015 at the locations listed above… The corridor has been completely restored from the XXXXX Substation to structure 256 and is in excellent condition. Restoration work has returned disturbed areas back to preconstruction grades and removed all ruts. The quality of the mat removal and restoration work is excellent. Crews have been very meticulous and thorough with their work effort. Stream channels and wetlands were very well protected during construction and mat removal has avoided any wetland impacts. Hay mulch has been applied to uplands and straw in wetlands of sufficient thickness to protect exposed soil once the snow has melted and spring rains start. Native vegetation will reestablish very quickly once warm weather comes in. Notably the slopes on both sides of stream 54-256, which are very steep, have been expertly restored.

March 2015

M. Christopher, M.S., CWB Environmental Scientist

The path of clearing of brush and trees near the power lines crossed my yard this year. We ended up losing a 90 year old spruce tree, that has been a part of our family for 60 years. Needless to say, my yard has a totally new and unfamiliar look, but considering what was standing there a week ago, it does not look bad! I want you to know how much we appreciate having this tree removed, especially since we learned that the inside was rotting after it was down. We loved that old tree, it was our children’s and grandchildren’s fort, but it also worried us when we had strong winds. The crew that you supplied us from Northern Clearing, for this task, was not only professional but thoughtful and I wanted you to know how much we appreciated them, as well. Other than an empty space and a stump, my yard looks nothing as I expected, following a job of such magnitude. They cleaned up everything nicely, not only in my yard, but the job they have done along the roadside is superb as well. You have chosen a company who is respectful and mindful of the image they leave behind, not only in a person’s front yard, but also in areas that people might not see, and for that you have our gratitude.

March 2015

Marvin and Debbie

I wanted to pass along a sincere thank you. Your team cleared the power lines in my yard yesterday and I’m very impressed! They even swept my driveway…not a trace of debris left behind. Well done.

March 2015


Dear Northern Clearing,

I cannot say enough about the terrific job your crew did clearing the BP pipeline that runs through our property in Summit Township, Jackson County Michigan. I think the circumstance was unique in that we had very old and very large trees located directly in our yard in close proximity to residential structures.

Although I learned most of their names I do not want to recite them for fear of leaving someone out. To a man, they were professional, polite, courteous, skilled, caring, and diligent. They made us feel as though they were as concerned for us as they were for Northern Clearing. I believe one of the crew mentioned the order of priority was safety, quality, production. Wonderful principals to work by but I can assure you their production was nothing short of impressive!

Thank you again for a job well done.

April 2015

Todd & Sandy Jackson

Dear Northern Clearing,

Just dropping you a note to inform how impressed we were (and are) with Northern. Northern fielded a top level team and we look forward to having them back soon.

G.A. Wilson
Columbia Midstream

March 2016

Bryan Custer