Northern Clearing Inc. is the industry leader in right-of-way clearing, access road construction, vegetation management, environmental management, and matting services. Since 1966, Northern Clearing has been one step ahead of the competition, adapting quickly and efficiently to successfully manage the most challenging of projects, all while maintaining superior levels of safety compliance.

Our Mission

Northern Clearing’s main objective is to be the best in our industry by building on the values laid down by our founders. Our ability to listen and adapt to the needs of our customers has allowed us to grow into a successful company that can fully support any large or small right of way land clearing, access, matting, and vegetation management project throughout the country. Our leadership brings a culture of confidence and expertise to every job and we look forward to building on existing relationships as well as cultivating new ones.

Our Values

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    Safety is at the forefront of our values. We believe that safety is the guiding principle of how we operate our company. As a result, promoting safe work behavior is in everything we do. We are committed to providing an environment where employees are comfortable and confident stopping unsafe work, coaching others, and working as a cohesive team.

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    Our company relationships are our most valuable asset. Our emphasis on the needs of our employees, customers, and communities, is seen as we create a work product second to none. Built on the rich foundation laid down by our founders, we believe that providing a work culture focused on honesty, integrity, trust, respect, professionalism, and teamwork is key to our operation. We are committed to delivering what we promise and always staying true to our word.

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    To us, environmental stewardship is more than just respecting the air, land, and water we use. We are committed to environmentally sustainable policies and practices that promote the conservation and restoration of our global resources. It is our focus, to be respectful of our resources by reducing our consumption (minimizing waste), eliminating wasteful practices, recycling, and promoting efficient use of our natural resources.


Northern Clearing strives to achieve and maintain a safe work environment for all employees and the public while continually improving our processes, improving customer satisfaction, preventing pollution, reducing our environmental impact, and preventing injury and ill health. Our dedication to safety, consultation with workers, eliminating hazards, and commitment to compliance obligations guides Northern Clearing to be an industry leader with unmatched quality service.