Northern Clearing Inc. is the industry leader in right of way clearing, restoration, access road construction, vegetation management, conservation, and mat services. Since 1966, Northern Clearing has been one step ahead of the competition. With the ability to adapt quickly and efficiently to meet industry standards, Northern Clearing can successfully manage the most challenging projects. With our customers’ needs in mind, Northern Clearing places and emphasis on customer satisfaction while maintaining a superior level of safety, compliance, and production. With our skilled employees and a fleet of advanced equipment, Northern Clearing can make your next project a success.


In May 1966, brothers George and Wayne Vernon teamed up with their cousin, Bernard Guski, to form Northern Clearing Inc. They quickly acquired their first project to clear a right-of-way highline for Minnesota Light and Power.  With only two bulldozers and a skidder, these men worked hard to build a reputation of providing honest and quality work.

It was not until 1968 that Northern Clearing began right-of-way clearing for pipelines, and within 20 short years, the company had become the largest and most trusted pipeline clearing contractor in the United States.

Northern Clearing has been and always will be a family-oriented business.  In 1980, George prepared the way for his sons to join the company. Richard came on-board in 1981, with Todd following in 1982, and Craig in 1987. Through many years of hard work and dedication, they have quite literally cleared the way for the next generation of ownership.

Dan, Tyler, Colten, and Cole all work at Northern Clearing under their fathers, who have instilled in their children the same values set forth by their father, George, and the other founders of NCI (Wayne and Bernard). They pride themselves in being third-generation Vernon’s to work at the family company that started more than five and half decades ago and will always hold true to the values and principles set forth by the original founders, while also expanding into the ever-changing world of right-of-way clearing, vegetation management, and green energy.


Our vast industry knowledge is invaluable. We have successfully completed projects in more than 30 states and for countless contractors and municipalities. From the subzero temperatures in New York and Minnesota to the blistering summer heat of Texas and Florida, and everywhere in between; from densely populated cities to extremely remote backwoods, we can work anywhere, in any conditions, all while exceeding the highest industry standards. Northern Clearing is the definition of experience in the clearing and construction industry.

Not only have we cleared land for pipelines and powerlines, but for solar fields, wind turbines, railroads, megasites, battery plants, airports, golf courses, and more.