Northern’s work is excellent, especially given the steep terrain… I completed an environmental inspection of Section 54 on Tuesday, March 10, 2015 at the locations listed above… The corridor has been completely restored from the XXXXX Substation to structure 256 and is in excellent condition. Restoration work has returned disturbed areas back to preconstruction grades and removed all ruts. The quality of the mat removal and restoration work is excellent. Crews have been very meticulous and thorough with their work effort. Stream channels and wetlands were very well protected during construction and mat removal has avoided any wetland impacts. Hay mulch has been applied to uplands and straw in wetlands of sufficient thickness to protect exposed soil once the snow has melted and spring rains start. Native vegetation will reestablish very quickly once warm weather comes in. Notably the slopes on both sides of stream 54-256, which are very steep, have been expertly restored.

March 2015